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What is Entropic Pursuits? Well, it’s a framework, a philosophy, and a tool aimed at helping you accomplish your goals and overcome your challenges. Many of us know how difficult it is to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves, especially if they require dedication and/or overcoming adversity. Entropic Pursuits is aimed at helping you overcome those hurdles and overcoming any self-doubt that you may have. The purpose is to help you help yourself. We often stand in our own way, and that is just one problem Entropic Pursuits is aimed at solving.
The overall goal of Entropic Pursuits is to show you and help you understand that you can accomplish anything. All that’s required is to build up your mindset, create an execution structure and strategy, and implement a system to accomplish your goal(s).

If you have any feedback or requests for new features, please let me know. You will be able to send me an email from within the app as well as on the Entropic Pursuits website.

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Entropic Notes

Entropic Notes is a simple, clean, and minimalist note taking app. It’s a way to keep your thoughts, notes, and lists organized. If you’re always thinking about different subjects and need a way to organize those thoughts, then this app is for you.

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Are you traveling to Miami? Do you live in Miami and want to explore the city further? Then join MiamiHUB. MiamiHUB is Miami’s online community where we share photos, discuss what’s worth exploring and where to eat. Miami is huge and has so much to offer. We want everyone to be a part of this community and participate. We aim to create an online community for Miami. We are going to make MiamiHUB the go to app that people use when they want to know more about Miami or what to do in the city. All of what Miami has to offer should be in one place instead of scattered across the internet. This is only the beginning! Stay tuned, because there are plenty more great features that are in development. MiamiHUB can become the go to for anything Miami, but to do so, we need you, the community, to get involved. If you have anything related to Miami that you want to share: places to eat, things to do, things to see… post it on MiamiHUB. Share with the community

Tell The Story

Every photograph you take has a story behind it that just isn’t captured with the photograph itself. To add an extra dimension to your photos, to give extra life to the memories you capture, you can use TellTheStory to add the story that really brings your photos to life. Tell the story and then share it with someone special!

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Transcends is a success and motivation tool that helps all of us stay focused on our goals. With occasional reminders, it keeps us motivated to work towards accomplishing the goals. With so many distractions today and so much to do, it is difficult to remain focused on all of the things we want to accomplish in life. With Transcends, you can keep all of your goals organized, and devote time out of your day to work on the tasks that will help you achieve those goals. The task planner provides a timer and a way to track your progress. Working in sets of 30 minutes with a small break has been shown to be an effective technique for accomplishing tasks. Transcends keeps track of how many sets you have done. Transcends is a tool to help you take charge and accomplish your goals. I hope that these techniques will help you as much as it has helped me. Please let me know about your experience with the app. If you have an feedback, any at all I would love to hear it, because my goal is to create an enjoyable and productive experience. Thanks!

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